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Are you interested in making money with affiliate marketing? I am going to show you 2 different methods you can use to make $250/day using affiliate links on Pinterest, completely for free, without needing a website or a blog!

First, let me answer the question that I bet is on your mind right now.

Are affiliate links even allowed on Pinterest? Yes! BUT – your account could get in trouble for posting too much spam content. That is when you create a Pinterest account only for the sake of posting affiliate links or when you don’t add any affiliate disclosure to your pin descriptions.
So in this tutorial, you’ll see how to post affiliate links on Pinterest the right way without getting your account suspended.

Now, let’s look at how you go about promoting something on Pinterest.

Step #1 – Choose an Affiliate Product and Get your Affiliate Link
For that you will first need to join some of the largest affiliate networks with lots of products across different niches. I’ll just give you a few big names here:

CJ Affiliates
Flexoffers and this is just a short list of the networks that I use.

I’ll show you how things work in one of the networks. For example, in Impact you can find products in all of these niches:
Baby and kids
Financial services
Home and Garden and so on.

I’ll just click here on the Pets niche and you’ll see all of these brands. Then you can click apply and most of the brands will require you to give a bit of information about your site or social media profiles and how you are going to promote their products.

Once your application is approved, to get the affiliate link in this network you just need to click on the product, then create link and here is the URL that you need to copy!
Let’s leave it here because we’ll need the link later on the next steps.
Step #2. You need to create a Pinterest account if you don’t have one yet, and then create a Pinterest board that is relevant to the product or niche you want to promote. Make sure your board title is short and specific – use just the main focus keyword related to your product.

Step #3 – Create a Pin Image – you can use a free graphic design tool like Canva for example, and create beautiful images and videos even if you’re terrible at graphic design. Use my link anastasiablogger.com/canva to start a forever free account.

Canva has a lot of Pin templates. Just search for this keyword – Pinterest pin – and you’ll find plenty of options.

Canva has lots of templates for image pins of the recommended ratio of 2:3 or 1:2.
You’ll see on the left side lots of filters that allow you to define the style of your pin.
You can choose from
Elegant styles and so on.

You can also filter them by the theme like
Fashion and so on.

In the pin template you can customize basically everything – change the text, the colors and the background photo if you wish.

And all you need for a pin is usually an image and you get access to a large stock photo collection right here in Canva. You can create as many pins as you want with different images and text overlays and link them to one or several affiliate products.

Personally, I recommend you adding bold, large text overlays – always keep in mind that people will most likely see your pins on a mobile device, so the text should be short and easy to read.
The next step is – Add the right Keywords to your pin title and description so that your pin has a chance to be shown to a lot of people who are interested in the product you want to promote.
Why is this so important? Because Pinterest is a search engine kind of like Google. The only difference is that Pinterest results are shown as images and short videos linked to various sites.
So if you want to sell a ketogenic meal plan, for example, your board title could be Keto Recipes or Keto Diet or Keto Meal Plan.

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