5 High-Paying Part-time Online Jobs To Do From Home in 2022 (Earn $45/hour or More!)

In this video I covered the best 5 in-demand and high-paying part-time online jobs you can do from home in 2022 which can pay you $30-50 per hour or more!

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There might come a time in your life where your income from your full-time job just can’t cover enough anymore. You might also feel unhappy or insecure with your day job, so maybe you are looking for a part-time job or a side hustle that could replace your current income source in the near future. And well, you might be taking care of your kids and your family and not willing to work the regular 9-5 jobs.

If you are looking for side hustles that can provide you flexibility and are minimal in stress, then you might want to consider choosing ONLINE part-time jobs.

For the jobs I’ll cover in this video, you don’t need to take a new Master’s degree. All you need is a high-speed Internet connection.

Now, let me start by saying I will not talk about stuff like taking surveys, working in a call center and other similar online jobs that aren’t really improving your financial situation in the long run. I’ll be only talking about the highest-paying part-time online jobs that will allow you to make $30-$50 per hour!

1. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers, especially skilled ones, will always be in demand. Because as more and more businesses go online, they need to effectively visually attract their clients if they want to be noticed.

This includes having their own unique logo, animations, illustrations, and other visual graphics. The same goes to all the graphics for social media channels that businesses use to reach their customers online.

A graphic designer also has a very important role in every company – online or offline – as they also help with the advertising, marketing, and web design of the business.

If you want to start as an graphic designer, you should first build your design portfolio of course. After that, you can easily apply to online companies, be it big or small.

If you look at Upwork for example, you’ll find that experienced graphic designers charge on average $30-50 per hour for services that include design of a company logo, or brand identity design.

I can give you an even more specific idea. Actually, last week I talked about it in more detail in my video about how you can make money on Pinterest. I will give you a link to that video in the top right corner and in the description below this video. But anyway, as a graphic designer you could even specify that you work with clients for Pinterest, since it’s a visual platform and everyone who wants to get traffic from Pinterest, needs to consistently create new pin images and video pins. I mentioned in that video some of the prices companies specializing on Pinterest marketing charge their clients, and the prices are around $20 for one original pin image pin, and up to $50 for just one video pin. I’m not saying you will easily land clients for these prices but you can have an idea what your competition might be charging and create your pricelists with that in mind.

2. Blogging or running an informational website

This was my part-time job which I started while still working at my 9-5 stressful job about 3 years ago, and eventually it brought me to where I am now, working from home full time, being my own boss and making consistently over $20k/ mo with my business. These are the numbers which I could never ever make with my day job no matter how well and fast my career would develop.

If you are interested in learning more about how I make this kind of income, I’ll give you a link to my other video where I shared a detailed income report and showed how I made 25k dollars in one month.

Initially it was really just a side hustle and if you go through the older posts on my blog, you’ll find some of my first income reports where I shared how I was earning way below a $1000/ mo from my blog in the first year, as a beginner.

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