How to MAKE MONEY ON SOCIAL MEDIA in 2022 – 5 Best Ways to Make Money Online Even as a Beginner

How to MAKE MONEY ON SOCIAL MEDIA in 2022 – 5 Best Ways to Make Money Online Even as a Beginner.
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Well, I am only telling you this because I find it funny how these days children apparently dream to become a Youtuber or Tiktocker or another sort of influencer on social media. Why do you think is that? Again, same old story. Because children somehow know where the money and power IS.

And YOU too probably have an idea that social media is THE place to make money in our day and age, but if you came to this video it’s because you want to know HOW you can actually earn a living with social media.
So here is how this video will go. First, I will tell you how I personally make money with social media, how much money I earn and which platforms are my favorite.

Then I will show you some additional ways to earn a living on social media which I know work really great for other people. And just so you know, we’ll not talk about super influencers, you know about guys like Ronaldo who make millions with their sponsored campaigns on social media. We are going to talk about folks like you and I, so all the money-making strategies I’ll show you today I totally doable for any average person.

The first way I started making money from social media was through free traffic that was coming to my website from Pinterest. Posting on this platform paid off for me very early in my blogging journey. By the end of the first year blogging I managed to get my first month with Mediavine and that earned me almost $1400 in that month.

Keep in mind my blog was brand new to the platform and my RPM which is how much you get paid for a 1000 of visitors, was still quite low. It tends to get the optimal numbers for each publisher in the first 3 months since joining the platform.

I looked back into my Google Analytics for the same dates and oh my god, literally like 95% of all traffic to my blog at that time was coming from Pinterest. I even had on some days huge viral spikes in traffic like this here reaching about 13,000 users in just one day, all from Pinterest.

Over the years, free Pinterest traffic generated for me thousands upon thousands of dollars from Mediavine ads, just on this blog.

If you want to learn how I achieved all these results with Pinterest, check out my Pinterest SEO Traffic Secrets course, the link will be up here in the info icon, and in the description below the video.

Now let’s talk about this platform where you are watching me. Youtube!

Alright so here you go, in the last 365 days I made $12,5k only with Adsense – which is simply ads you see in my videos. This is kind of a passive income stream for me because I would anyway make my videos on Youtube, it’s just a nice bonus that I can get this extra income from ads in my videos.

The indirect ways of making money from Youtube are much more valuable to me. I have built a solid brand name thanks to this Youtube channel through educating my audience about online business, blogging and Pinterest marketing. I share a lot of free information and I know for sure it inspired many of you to start your own website!

Here are just a few comments you guys left me under my videos, thank you so much for this kind feedback! If you want to get features in one of my future videos and have something positive to say, go ahead and comment below this video right now!

I wish it was easy to show how Youtube affects my income overall, but Google Analytics reporting of the product sales are never 100% accurate. That’s because people usually don’t buy online courses from the landing page. They first want to learn from your free content, they want to understand if they can trust your information.

00:00 Intro
02:19 How I made my first $1400/mo with free Pinterest traffic and Mediavine Ads
03:37 How to Make Money on Youtube
06:55 How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing on Social Media
09:19 Get Leads to Your Services from Social Media
12:03 Make Money with Sponsored Content and Brand Collaborations


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