How to Upload Video on Pinterest: Create Video Pins & Get TRAFFIC with Pinterest Video Pins in 2020

How to Upload Video on Pinterest: Create Video Pins & Get TRAFFIC with Pinterest Video Pins in 2020. Can you post video on Pinterest? How to pin video on Pinterest? Video pins: How to Upload a Video on Pinterest? How do I make a video pin? How do you add a video pin to Pinterest? How do you pin a YouTube video? Are there videos on Pinterest?

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Pinterest SEO Checklist


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You will find all the answers in this video pins tutorial. I will show you how to make a video pin in Canva, will talk about the right specifications for videos on Pinterest. You will learn that aspect rations for Pinterest videos – Youtube for example, has a horizontal aspect ratio, which has very low chances to win on Pinterest.

I will show you which simple web applications you can use to create video pins without learning a complicated videography software. And I will show you how you my best video pins trick about repurposing your existing image pins and creating videos with them, without actually shooting any videos!

If you’ve been using Pinterest for a while now, you might have noticed that in 2019 Pinterest started showing a lot more video pins in the Smart feed – they are now generously added in the mix with regular image pins.
But that’s not it. You know that Pinterest users are not just scrolling down the feed like on other social media. They also use Pinterest as a visual search engine. And now, if you make a popular search query on the Pinterest app, it will show you first a block of 5-6 video pins and only after that block, you’ll see the regular image pins.
So, you can see that Pinterest is definitely giving a priority distribution to videos pins.
You might do a search in your niche on the app and find no videos at all. That’s not a bad sign. That’s actually a good thing because apparently, for your topic or niche Pinterest doesn’t yet have enough video content to show in that block on top of the search results.
And you actually have a great chance to take most of the space in the video pin results before your competitors find out about this fairly new type of content on Pinterest.
Before I dive into all the technical specifications of video pins, I want to give you several tips that will define your general strategy with video content on Pinterest.

You will see on this page that Pinterest these three file formats:
.mp4, .mov or .m4v

The length of the video has to be minimum 4 seconds but can go up to 15 minutes.
Pinterest also accommodates several aspect ratios for videos:
The horizontal (16:9) – these are Youtube videos, square (1:1) – these are videos typical on Instagram, and vertical (9:16, 4:5, 2:3).

It’s up to you, which aspect ratio you will choose, I just will warn you that anything horizontal doesn’t really get traction on Pinterest. So just uploading your Youtube videos on Pinterest usually is pretty useless. They will hardly take off.

But if you have some 1:1 square videos form Instagram or Facebook, then you definitely have better chances to compete on Pinterest because as I mentioned, currently Pinterest shows videos in this exact square format in the top search results on mobile devices.

Vertical images should also work great since they take more space in the SmartFeed and stand out just because they are a moving tall pin.

You know now all the specifications for video pins, and it’s time to learn which tools you can use to create video pins.

Fortunately, today we have a wide range of browser applications which allow you to do similar things with video as Canva allows you to do with images.

Videos on Pinterest ARE a growing trend. It’s not just Pinterest Promoted Video pins – it’s also available as organic video Pins on Pinterest. As video becomes the main type of content on other platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, Pinterest had to do something to show more videos on their platform too.
In today’s video, I will show you exactly where you can see video pins on Pinterest, how you can create videos that will be efficient on this platform. What are the Pinterest video pins specs? Pinterest video dimensions, like their size, aspect ratio, file formats and general recommendations to make your video pins click-worthy.

This tutorial is all about using videos on Pinterest – I will even give you an idea of how to create Free online Pinterest video and all the steps of the Video uploading to Pinterest.
Want to know what is the Pinterest autoplay video?

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