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How to Use Pinterest for Business [2023]: Pinterest Marketing Tips for FREE Traffic Boost
Did you know that Pinterest can drive to your website thousands of pageviews of free organic traffic primarily from the United States? Learn from this video if you can get Pinterest traffic to your niche or type of business and choose the right Pinterest strategy.
Did you know that Pinterest can drive to your website thousands of pageviews of free organic traffic primarily from the Unites States?

This is my Google Analytics report for one of my websites – you can see Pinterest drives about half of all my traffic. In the last 30 days, I’ve got about 68K visitors to my site from Pinterest. All of this is free organic traffic!

Pinterest works like magic across so many niches and verticals of online business – it’s hard to believe!

The platform gets almost 1 Billion monthly visitors of which about 42% are users from the United States. So it helps you make more money for each 1000 of visitors to the site if you run display ads.

That also means that whatever your business is, you can leverage Pinterest’s audience that’s so valued by ad networks because of their buyer intent and high average household income.

I’m not going to lie to you that every niche on Earth is a good fit for Pinterest. If you have a local car rental business, I think the best place for you is Google because people will not look for this type of service on Pinterest.

Now let me show you some of the niches that are very popular on Pinterest.

Show Audience Insights on the screen

Now let’s have a look at your Pinterest business profile. How can you use this little space here in the most efficient way?

When you use Pinterest for business, you basically need to use your profile name and your About field to speak about your products or services in a way that shows how you can HELP your audience.

Keep in mind that you need to include a few keywords that describe your business, the words that people would likely type in a search bar if they were looking for your products or services.

If you create a Pinterest account from your old personal account, you shouldn’t keep any of your personal boards public. This way, old boards don’t confuse the algorithm once you convert your personal account to a business account.

Ideally, I would recommend you to have a separate personal account but if you hate the idea of switching between the accounts, or if you had some old boards that you don’t want to lose, the other option is to make them Secret boards.

Let me just show you the steps. You click on the Saved tab to see all of your boards, click on that specific board, here click on these 3 dots and it will show you an option to edit the board, you go inside and find the option to keep this board Secret.

This way, the board will be available only to you but won’t be indexed or shown to any Pinterest users.

Another thing that most businesses want to know is how to verify your website on Pinterest.

So here you go, first, click on this little arrow pointing down next to your profile picture. It will show you these options, you click on Settings.
Now you need to click on Claimed accounts.
You’ll see here two options – one is a general verification for all kinds of websites. And a special verification App for Shopify stores.

You might have noticed that you currently CAN verify more than one domain on one Pinterest business account. If you have more than one domain to promote, I would still recommend you to keep them on separate Pinterest accounts.

I don’t like to keep all my eggs in one basket.
If by any chance, your Pinterest account gets suspended or penalized otherwise, all your domains might end up being stuck with this account.

When you click Claim, it gives you 3 options – all of them are different ways of adding this Pinterest verification code unique to your account, on your website.

If you click on any of these links to Learn more, you’ll get more detailed instructions.

I think the easiest way for most people is to add HTML code to your head section.

On WordPress sites you can easily add this code using your SEO plugin – it could be Rank Math or Yoast SEO for example.

error: Content is protected !!