QUITTING YOUR JOB in 2022? 5 Tips on How to Leave your Job the Right Way and NEVER REGRET

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I’ve been in and out of corporate jobs and when I finally quit it for good in 2017 to start my online business, that last time I did it without making a ton of mistakes. Sounds familiar? I hate my job, I wish I knew how to quit my corporate job without regretting it later and making costly mistakes.

The previous attempts to quit my 9-5 were not very successful. I mean, I did quit a couple of times but then I had to start over looking for new jobs and because I wasn’t properly prepared for the big move.

Now I will tell you what I REGRET about the way I quit my day job.

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Hey, I don’t have anything against corporate careers and many people succeed in it. But maybe you are a little bit like me. Maybe you’ve always had this voice in your head telling you that you are not cut for the 9-5 job and there is something else out there more exciting and rewarding waiting for you.

I had different experiences at different companies. I can’t say my corporate jobs were always entirely depressing or worthless for me. After all, if I didn’t have those jobs I wouldn’t end up creating my online business because I’ve got the ideas and a lot of experience in online marketing which I am using in my business every day. And the main thing I learned at my corporate jobs was that I can do almost anything if I put enough effort into learning it.

But a few things have stuck with me and eventually lead me to a decision that corporate world is not for me.

At my first corporate job, my boss the editor-in-chief of an online magazine, and she had go for a maternity leave.

I was initially very honored because she chose me out of the entire team and told our higher-level boss that I was the best candidate to work in her place.

Initially I was asked to work for the same salary but do the job of 2 people. I agreed because it was supposed to be a temporary “trial” situation. But 6 months passed and nothing changed. I was working extra hours at the office and then kept working at home in the evenings to keep up with all the work I had to do for the 2 of us. I was exhausted but hopeful because I thought by the end of the 6 months something would have to change.

No one was asking me to talk about the future, so I initiated a meeting with the boss and he said that he was happy with my work at the two positions. So it was all going well until I asked if there is any change in my salary or in my official position expected.

Then he told me I was too young for editor-in-chief position (although I was 6 months in doing that work for free!) I was 23 years old but it wasn’t the real reason. He just didn’t want to admit that I was entitled to a raise and that was it.

So I told him alright, thank you for your time. And I quit.

But what stuck with me on that meeting was that when signing my papers he saw that before this job which was my first full-time job after the University, while I was studying, I had a part-time job as a waitress.

So, he looked at my papers and made a pretty humiliating remark something along the lines of from a waitress to an editor-in-chief, yeah?

I was actually very proud of that waitress job because I never had to ask my mom for money since I left home at the age of 18, I always worked part time while studying.

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