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What is Pinterest and How Does Pinterest Work for regular users, for Business, Bloggers and for Personal Accounts. Are you asking yourself: what is Pinterest and why should I care? So I will explain everything in a really simple way, easy to understand Pinterest for beginners. You’ll find out what is a Pinterest board, how do you add Pinterest images (pins).

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What is Pinterest and how does it work?
If you are asking this question, it means you are truly new to this platform.
So, I will explain and show you right on my screen everything you need to know about Pinterest in a really simple way, easy to understand even for beginners.
On any platform, you will find two types of users.
It’s regular users, and online marketers.

On Pinterest, regular users are saving pins to nicely organized boards on their accounts. Their goal is to save these ideas for later. The boards just help them keep all these ideas categorized by topics.
They use what is called personal Pinterest accounts. If that’s your case and you are not interested in building a business account on Pinterest, you might want to jump to the part of the video where I’ll show what regular users do on Pinterest.

At the same time, Pinterest marketers, like me for example, are trying to get more eyeballs on their content or products on Pinterest.
As content creators, we are trying to always outsmart the platform, and the algorithm, and
to get ahead of the competition. We need to use a business account on Pinterest. Luckily, it’s totally free and you can convert a personal account to a business at any time.

Now, how does a Pinterest business profile look?
A Pinterest profile contains your username, in my case it’s anastaiablogger.

I recommend you to keep this username short, easy to type in and remember, and also close to your brand name if you have one.

Just in case you were wondering if this username can be ever changed if you pick something now and then change your mind, don’t worry. For now, Pinterest doesn’t have any limitations to changing your username and you can do it more than once.
And it doesn’t affect your pins that were published before the change because the pin URL doesn’t contain the username.

If you go to your Pinterest profile settings, click Edit here and you will see that you can change your profile name, you can even change your username at any time if you need to.

This is your Profile name, you should mention here your brand and one or two most important keywords that people would likely use if they wanted to find you in search. You can’t add a lot of text here, just 65 characters.
And also you should leverage the space that you have in your profile header.
It’s a pretty large image, must be at least 800 pixels wide x 450 pixels tall.

And using a horizontal image with a 16:9 aspect ratio is recommended by Pinterest as the best for the profile header.

You can pause for a second and point out the 16:9 aspect ratio and if you are not sure how you could create this kind of image, just open Canva. It’s a free graphic design tool that you can use in your browser. You can create an account with my link anastasiablogger.com/canva.
Then do a quick search here, just start typing 16:9 and you’ll see this exact format will show up with lots of templates – you can choose any template that matches your brand colors and your style.

In the About field, you have up to 500 characters, so you can include more related keywords here but I still encourage you to use the most important text closer to the beginning of this field. Because Pinterest will only show a few lines and keep the rest of the text hidden.

Of course, a Pinterest profile will include your profile photo in case you are building a personal brand. Or it can be simply your brand logo if you have one.


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